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Belistore - Stationery, Promotional Materials, Vehicle Livery

Rick first came to us after hearing about our services from a friend, he initially asked us to work with his current branding to update his business cards with new contact details and social media icons. After seeing what we did with his business cards, Rich then asked us to look at creating loyalty cards for his muffins to use when he was at events, he wanted there to be space for three stamps to be collected, when people bought a set three muffins, and an area for staff to tick a box when the card had been redeemed, as well as social media icons and contact details on the back of the card. We have since worked with Rich on a double-sided flyer promoting his new location, a special deal and a new vehicle soon to join the fleet, and the coffee version of the loyalty card for which we created a new coffee icon based on his existing muffin mark. 
I have used Steph for business cards, flyers, several loyalty cards, and we are currently working on van graphics. Time frame for turning work around is swift and Steph works with us to achieve fantastic results, despite me pushing the boundaries on what I want versus what can be done. I Recommend Steph to any one who requires a graphic designer.

Richard Reynolds  - Belistore