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Getting Up - Artist Catalogue 

The See No Evil Block Party 2013 was the continuation of the open-air festival held in Bristol with support of the City Council, and the Arts Council. The Festival included 45 selected local and international artists taking over Nelson Street, known as a particularly uninspiring area. The Getting Up, See No Evil Festival, artist catalogue was an index for visitors to the block party, offering information about the artists exhibiting that year as well as directions to each of the contributors works.

The 100 page limited edition catalogue with tag overlays also offered up social commentary on the legalities of street art, social responsibilities artists felt and the growing concerns amongst artists that street art was increasingly being taken off the street, and being displayed in art galleries. The book took the usual grunge aesthetic of graffiti zines and presented the opposite, a contemporary art gallery format pushing the question, is this where these works belong? do they still make sense in this stark environment? Are the often anti-capitalist themes muted or made stronger through this environment? The dialogue was created through talking to artists and art world professionals and showcased an interesting and contradictory collection of ideas.